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Made by Hand, With Love

Made by Hand is a small, humble project that started out as a simple craft blog. Our founder, Rachel Humbrecht, is a crafter and artist who wanted to share her creativity with the world and inspire others to create. Her blog featured tutorials and engaging articles to help others learn to work with fiber arts to create their own wardrobes, but she soon expanded to designing crochet and knit patterns to sell on the site as well.

The name "Made by Hand" was chosen so that the site had room to expand into anything Rachel wanted to share regarding her creative and artistic ventures. She also wanted it to always be a place to help other artists grow and learn.

That's why Made by Hand has now transformed into a handmade marketplace where artists can list their products for sale and reach more potential customers. Rachel recognized that the most valuable part of being an artist is being able to freely practice what you love and create. In order for many people to do this, they have to be able to make a living from their art. Making a living from art means you have to be able to sell it, and that is often the hardest part of being an artist.

By turning Made by Hand into an online marketplace, it gives artists yet another outlet to generate income from their craft. Coupled with the commission based listing style, artists are free to list their items without any risk of losing money upfront.