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12 Practical Pinterest Projects

Like myself, most people use Pinterest for crafting & DIY ideas and inspiration because it has a seemingly endless well of new tutorials, tips and tricks. However, I find myself all too often looking through the DIY & Crafts category wondering “why the hell would anyone want to make that? … Or THAT?”. Luckily though, there is a lot of diamonds in that sand box of crappy crafts. Today I’m going to show you my round up of some of the most practical (and awesome) Pinterest projects I’ve found to date. Many of these are household projects that make your home pretty and functional, but some are just cool things to make your life easier.

1. Solar Heating Your Garage With Pop Cans

Solar Heat With Pop Cans


2. Refinishing Cushioned Folding Chairs

Refinish Folding Chairs


3. DIY Cheap Coffee Table

Unfortunately, this isn’t a tutorial. However, the crates are fairly common and can probably be purchased somewhere like Micheal’s. All you have to do is line them up and screw them together. Easy, practical and pretty!

Coffee Table From Wooden Crates


4. Hidden Bookshelf Storage

Wouldn’t this be a great way to hide your internet router?

Hidden Bookshelf Storage

5. Chalkboard Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

Again, this isn’t a tutorial, just a picture. But it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just buy some chalkboard paint and paint a kitchen cabinet or two.

Chalkboard Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

6. Cereal Boxes + Scrapbooking Paper = Drawer Organization

Drawer Organization With Cereal Boxes

7. Organizing Your Fabric

Could also be a useful concept for organizing towels and bedding.

Filing Fabric


8. Painting Your Own Patterned Fabric

Painted Patterned Fabric

9. Dog-Proof Back Seat Cover

Doggie Back Seat Cover

You can check out my version of this DIY right here!

10. Reusable Lined Sandwich Bags

Lined Sandwich Baggies

11. Seating Arm Mini Table

Mini Table For Couch Arm

12. Decorating Your Own Dish Set

Sharpie Decorated Dishes

Do you have an awesome and useful project that you found on Pinterest? Feel free to share about it in the comments below! I’d love to talk with you about it and see if it’s something I’d like to add to this list!