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2019 Square a Day – March

March’s Squares Not gonna lie, I kind of lost steam during this month. I fell behind really hard and had to spend the last few days of the month playing catch up. But here it is, March, the third month of the year and its pretty little squares. I’m definitely liking the direction of having…

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2019 Square a Day – February

February’s Squares Month #2 for my 2019 square-a-day project complete! Like I mentioned in the post for January, I decided the majority of this blanket will be the cream/ecru color. I was still using up some stash yarn for this month, so I had a good bit of colors left. I’ve been restocking every time…

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2019 Square a Day – January

January's squares

Welcome to my 2019 Square-a-Day project! This is part of my Project Purgatory that I’m using as motivation to use up some of my old craft supplies and finish some stalled projects. You can read more about that here. I started this daily project as a way to do at least one crafty or creative…

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Miss Madeline: My First Triangle Scarf

Madeline Triangle Scarf

If you’re a crocheter or knitter, there’s no doubt you’ve seen or heard of the Lion Brand Mandala yarn. This yarn comes in a huge range of beautiful colorways that fade between each new color. The skeins (well, cakes, actually) are a whopping 590 yards of DK weight fiber that can be turned into cardigans,…

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The Allegheny Cowl

Allegheny Cowl in Hudson Bay

It’s recently come to my attention that it’s been a really long time since I released a free pattern on here… I’ve been really caught up in trying to monetize this blog and selling patterns that I haven’t had much time to sit down and write out any of my simpler designs for you guys!…

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